E-Books, Newsletters & Merch
E-Books, Newsletters & Merch
E-Books, Newsletters & Merch
E-Books, Newsletters & Merch
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The process of writing is a harmonious one for me.

It’ s electric. And I get fired up the moment I sit down at my desk and start writing about hospitality. 

I am passionate about it.

It all started while I was writing The Valdivieso Method.

I could feel my thoughts taking shape. I had something to share – and share it I did.

And people loved it and benefited from it.

That inspired me to cover other aspects – topics that I believe would add value to the industry as a whole. 

I will provide these as E-Books and a monthly Newsletter.


These E-Books will be made available in the near future. Please check this page regularly, as I will add them as I write them.

– The Art of the Turn: how to serve more guests in less time and make more money

– The 5 P’s of Hospitality

– To Tray or Not to Tray – that is the question

– The Power of the Hand

– The Guest isn’t Always Right – but it’s not our job to tell them that they’re wrong

– Turn your Restaurant into an Exclusive Clubhouse

– The Fate of your Restaurant is at the Door


I will be writing a monthly Newsletter on ‘all things Hospitality’.

This will include observations, experiences, ‘eye openers’ and changes in trends – good and bad – that could well impact the industry we all love.

I get around. I meet a lot of people.  And, I see and hear a lot of stuff.

Some days, it gets me down. Other days, it has me so high, I could fly.

It will all go in to the Newsletter. Warts and all.

That’s the way I write.

And the good thing is – this Newsletter is FREE.  Just subscribe, using the button below. Remember, your email will not be shared with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Jonathan Tisch

CEO Loews Hotels & Co-Owner of the New York Giants

“Over the last few years, my family and I have had the pleasure to watch and enjoy, as Eric Valdivieso, nightly deliver a dining experience that is truly enjoyable. From the moment that we are welcomed by Eric at the door, to sitting at the bar and enjoying the suggestions and company to an amazing dinner, it is always one of our favorite nights. And Eric graciously and seamlessly choreographs this entire experience, without breaking a sweat. Eric truly understands hospitality, and what makes a great restaurant so great.”