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How I Can Help You
How I Can Help You
How I Can Help You
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I read once, that the only way you can get better in life, is by listening and learning from people who know more than you do.

Logical, really. Because, whatever job or profession you are in, knowledge comes from experience.

“The captain to sail with, is he who knows where the reefs are”

As you can gather, I’ve run aground on reefs many times. But, as life teaches us, we learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

And we get smarter.

I am passionate about customer service. In my restaurant days, I hated to be away from it. I would only ever take off 4 shifts per year, connected that to my usual days off – and what I was left with, was one small seven day vacation. 

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It energizes me to be in a room with good people.

I have over 25 years of sales and showmanship experience, including 5 years of film and theatre training and 9 years of table service, in high-paced and competitive environments.

know what you need to do to create awe-inspiring service results, day after day, year after year, because I have been there – at the sharp end – in the trenches.

That knowledge and experience is available to you. Right now 

I will show you how to cultivate a deliberate and winning attitude towards customer service.

I will train your teams how to generate excellence at all times.


Over 25 years of customer-facing experience in tough environments


The ability to rise above the crowd. Stand out. At ALL times


Invaluable secrets. I know how it’s done. Knowledge is power


Jonathan Tisch

CEO Loews Hotels & Co-Owner of the New York Giants

“Over the last few years, my family and I have had the pleasure to watch and enjoy, as Eric Valdivieso, nightly deliver a dining experience that is truly enjoyable. From the moment that we are welcomed by Eric at the door, to sitting at the bar and enjoying the suggestions and company to an amazing dinner, it is always one of our favorite nights. And Eric graciously and seamlessly choreographs this entire experience, without breaking a sweat. Eric truly understands hospitality, and what makes a great restaurant so great.”