Training: Internet-based Mentoring

I call it Coaching for Culture Change’, because that’s what it is.

One-to-one coaching for Business and Restaurant owners.

Using proven methods. Changing attitudes. Improving performance.

It’s simple, uncomplicated, but hugely effective.

In my experience, real change and buy-in from all staff members takes anything from 6-12 months.

Culture Change Package

Two 60-80 minute Zoom or Skype call each month – for 6 months.

Length of time depends on progress, but 12 months is recommended to see solid and meaningful culture change. 

It sometimes happens sooner, but this is rare. 

The calls are tailor-made to suit the challenge faced.

Topics include: 
• Mindset 
• Development of “House Style” (Industry/Restaurant specific)
• Brand and Purpose
• Script Creation
• Steps of Service
• Timing
• Menu Assessment
• Food and Beverage Considerations
• Pricing/Up Selling
• Hiring Process/Finding the right fit
• Verbal & Body Language
• Managing the Door
• Customers for Life/WOW


“Eric set the tone of our experience from reservation to good night for every visit.
A real professional, he defined the mood of the room, fueled the energy of the team and allowed the food to speak for itself!  

For us, he cultivated the experience and idea of I Sodi that Rita has created.”  —Christine & Bill Berardino, New York

For 6 Months


This represents a minimum of 12 personal sessions with me, PLUS:


– Detailed Coaching Notes and Thoughts

– Monthly Wins & Challenges/Goals

– Monthly Template Tools, “Done for You” scripts and systems, to keep you on track

– Suggested Reading and Resources

– Weekly Email Update

– Month-End Review and Forecast

– Unlimited Email Contact

(Payment plans available to suit your budget – and full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied – and you can cancel anytime.) 


Jonathan Tisch

CEO Loews Hotels & Co-Owner of the New York Giants

“Over the last few years, my family and I have had the pleasure to watch and enjoy, as Eric Valdivieso, nightly deliver a dining experience that is truly enjoyable. From the moment that we are welcomed by Eric at the door, to sitting at the bar and enjoying the suggestions and company to an amazing dinner, it is always one of our favorite nights. And Eric graciously and seamlessly choreographs this entire experience, without breaking a sweat. Eric truly understands hospitality, and what makes a great restaurant so great.”