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Two questions asked of me by a neighbor named Will, made me think long and hard.


He wrote: “In entrepreneurship, salesmanship, and showmanship, what qualities put you above the rest? In other words, why did you succeed where others failed?”


What made the difference?


Well, success is a matter of opinion, but I guess if people are still paying me I’ve done Okay.


My answer has 13 pointers that I suspect anyone interested in entreprenuership, salesmanship, and showmanship – or better results – may find helpful.


Here they are:


1. I study. Before I even became a coach and consultant – I read over 1,200 books on sales, investments, psychology, engineering, economics, social sciences, and many, many more. I still study. The minute you stop learning, the minute you think you know it all, you’re onto a loser.


2. I don’t just study business and science books. You cannot really succeed at the highest level unless you dive into history, too. “Those who ignore the lessons of history are compelled to repeat them.”


3. I was hugely influenced by the people who laid the foundations of modern advertising: Albert Lasker, Claude C. Hopkins, P.T. Barnum, John Caples, William Bernbach, Rosser Reeves, and so on.


4. I can get interested in anything. Narrow interests kill ideas. I never stop reading, and I read almost anything. Classics. Trash. Anything. Only if you feed your brain can you feed your imagination; and you never know where an idea will come from – Checkov or Star Magazine.


5. I try to sell in any medium to persuade anyone in any country, rich or poor, clever or stupid, to make the right choice, regardless of price. An Italian lady friend once told me “I think you could persuade anyone to do anything.” Not true – but it made me blush.


6. I am fascinated by people and what they do. Unless you understand people you cannot persuade anyone or move a crowd.


7. I am childish and curious. The minute you lose the sense of wonder, you start to die mentally and emotionally.


8. I hate to fail – which means I probably try harder than many people (I’m an Award Winning Athlete).


9. I love words and love to play with them. I’m not into clichés or jargon.


10. I usually ask my partners if what I have created is any good. Today, by 7 A.M. here in the States, I had already asked three people about three things I am working on.


11. I do not suffer fools – and that includes me. I am infuriated by people who half-@ss it. “Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” – Bruce Lee


12. I keep trying. Picasso drew a dove in three seconds when in his 80’s. I still have hopes.


13. I am highly emotional. And people make decisions on emotion, not logic – so I’m aligned with what I do.


If you don’t care, you can’t make others care. And if they don’t care, they won’t act.


So now I have a question for you. Will you take action? Because I really do care.


Your journey of discovery starts here: EricValdivieso.com

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