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->-> This little trick made $4 million…


When all else fails, consider this.


One of the world’s largest ad agencies is BBDO – Batten, Barton, Durstine and Oswald.


But they were struggling back in the mid-1940s.


Charles Brower – head of BBDO at the time – said something I have never forgotten: “Honesty is not only the best policy, it is rare enough nowadays to be pleasantly conspicuous.”


If you wonder why a lot of marketing these days leaves you cold it’s simple.


The writers make claims that fail to satisfy – they don’t give you a reason to believe.


Another thing you should know if you want to succeed is that you can do so by studying the advice of successful salesmen.


I recently received this e-mail from Nick Sevier, with this wonderful example you and I can learn from.


I used to be in a class of salesmen more disliked than those fellas on used car lots… that’s right, I was a furniture salesman.


I didn’t think I would be good at it. I had no real sales training. No tricks up my sleeve. But they offered me a job, and I needed one.


Everyone else was a wannabe spin doctor. “Is this $200 bed made of hardwood?” “Yes! It’s engineered hardwood. Isn’t that a great deal!” The customer would look at him with suspicion and keep walking.


My approach was different. Not because I was smart, but because I was principled. I was dedicated to telling the truth truthfully.


A customer would ask, “Is this $200 bed made of hardwood?” I’d chuckle and reply, “Of course not. It’s made of sawdust and glue. That’s why it only costs $200. But it looks great and is perfect for your spare room that doesn’t get a lot of use… If you want hardwood, let me show you our selection.”

I sold $4M worth of furniture a year, outdoing even my sales managers who had been doing it much longer.


Sadly, I earned 0% commission!

But I learned a lot and got a good story out of it. And perhaps that’s worth more than the money.






It’s a great example of how the truth can outsell lies


Just me reminding you that you must always give people a reason to believe you.


Do you?


Or do you fester in the realm of the promised land?


Sadly, as the economy takes a nose dive, you’re going to use every bit of skill and knowledge you possess.


It’s my job to give as much as I can to you. Honed in more than one recession – including one where I had so much grief I had to live under the radar for several years


Want to know what I learned? A great place to start is EricValdivieso.com.






P.S. If you want your front-line service workers to deliver more intuitive service that up-sells itself – increases profits – and keeps customers coming back to you, why not get in touch right now. Before you forget. EricValdivieso.com


P.P.S. Honesty is the best policy…

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