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Who wants to hear about you?


What I am about to suggest to you is so basic I’m almost ashamed. But it’s utterly essential – and too often ignored.


What’s more, checking on it may do you more immediate good than all sorts of grander things like strategy and positioning.


Forgive me if you think it’s beneath you – but I hope it isn’t.


Here’s a question for you.


What’s the most powerful word in selling communications?


Would you say “free”?


I used to – but I suspect it’s not, really. I think it is “you” – and derivations, like “yours” and “your”.


Here’s why.


You are what you’re interested in most of all – sad but true.


The more time you use “you” words in your messages, the more they get read.


Conversely, the more you use “we” words – like us, our and ours – the less interested people are.


Marketing is like real life. In real life don’t you hate people who boast and talk about themselves? In real life don’t you prefer people who talk to you about your interests? Same in selling.


So, even if this sounds a bit basic, go through your messages – in whatever medium – and do a “me/you” count.


If the “you” words don’t outgun the “me” words two to one – change things.


I just looked at the welcome page of one leading marketer. In less than 150 words – there was not one “you” word”. But there were seventeen selfish “we” words, starting with that old friend “About us”.


“Eric,” you may ask, “How can such trivia be important?”


Well, people often compare marketing to war – and use similar words, like “strategy”, “territory”, “conquest”, “attrition” and so on. So here’s some advice for you from a famous general.


Towards the end of his life, the Duke of Wellington was asked to what he owed his victories. “Attention to detail,” he replied.


So here’s today’s helpful hint – pay attention to this little detail. Count how many times your messages talk about your customers – and how much they’re about you. And get the balance right.


A good example of the right balance is here – it’s my landing page for EricValdivieso.com as it happens…





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He helps restaurant and hotel owners and managers cultivate experiences that people talk about, and seek out. 

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