5 Reasons to Become a Server in the Covid Economy


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Reasons to become a server

In this post we go over the 5 Reasons to become a server in the covid economy…


I get it: when you were 11 years old, you didn’t want to be a waiter or waitress when you grew up.

You had more “ambitious” plans…
Dentist, maybe? Video game designer? Comedian?

Whatever it was, I bet that dream is still somewhere inside of you, slicing off tiny bits of your heart as you lay your head on your pillow every night.


5 reasons to become a server
5 reasons to become a server


But right now, you’re looking for something realistic – something to pay the bills – and maybe even something that doesn’t outright SUCK. But here’s the thing: I’m willing to bet my beard you’ve been underestimating the serving profession.

Whatever you’ve heard about serving … whatever you’ve seen … I want you to erase that out of your brain like a whiteboard. When you think of servers, you’re probably thinking of “desperate Dennis” at your local diner, running around like a chicken with his head cut off … smooching ass at every opportunity and cleaning up after spoiled children’s coke spills.


And you know what? That’s how it is for the majority of servers. They are Desperate Dennises (or Stressed Staceys).


But it’s not true for a select minority of servers who make high five figures and even six figures a year, (in many cases without any overtime at all).


In this Covid economy, you may be thinking about new directions you want to take, workable career angles, new job opportunities – and careers that will pay the bills without crushing your soul.


5 reasons to become a server
5 reasons to become a server


Here are 5 reasons to become a server in the Covid economy:

• Low Barrier to Entry

Almost anyone can become a server in almost any city. You don’t need a fancy resume. You don’t need technical skills. And no expensive certifications. And the hiring process is generally pretty easy. Don’t get me wrong: you want to prepare yourself; but you aren’t going to be killing yourself preparing for years or even months on end.

Plenty of Opportunities

Now that restaurants and bars are mostly open again—and especially with so many people on unemployment – now is the perfect time to capitalize on opportunities presented. Many places are looking for reliable servers. Jump on that train now before it passes you by.

You Can Make a LOT More Than You Think

It’s a pretty safely-kept secret among elite-earning servers that in this profession, you can make a whole lot more than most people typically realize. Most servers don’t work in the right restaurants, and they don’t do the things that lead to the big bucks. But making a lot of money is absolutely possible as a server. Believe me, I’ve hit six figures, year after year.

And I’m not the only one. Not by a long shot.

• Being a Server Can Be Fulfilling

Key phrase, is “can be.”

It’s probably not for most servers. But it can be – if you play your cards right. And when you do, it’s a beautiful thing. Owners kiss your ass. You’re viewed as indispensable. And you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re playing an integral role in helping your guests enjoy their lives more fully.

• It Can Be One of the Least Labor-Intensive Jobs Around

Again the key phrase, is: “can be.” Do most servers work their tails off for lousy pay? Probably. But, bless their hearts, they don’t have my program.

Being a server isn’t as sexy as being an FBI agent or a Victoria’s Secret model. It’s not as humanitarian and Mother Theresa-esque as becoming a nurse or a social worker.

But, you know what? It’s seriously one of the best careers around. And you should definitely give it a try.

By the way, have you seen my course? The Valdivieso Method: Discover the Proven Secrets of the Highest-Paid Professional Restaurant Server on the Planet!

Go take a look.


reasons to become a server
Reasons to become a server


About the Author and the 5 reasons to become a server in the covid economy:

Eric Valdivieso has been a passionate upholder of the very finest level of customer service arts since 1996…


With over 25 years of sales and showmanship experience, including 5 years of film and theatre training and 9 years of table service, in high-paced and competitive environments… he narrowed down the reasons to become a server in the covid economy.


Eric Valdivieso has consulted with companies & learning institutions including IBM, Progressive Insurance, Panera Bread, Firestone Tire, Marriott, Rutgers University and many, many more. (…also turning many New York City restaurants into highly sought after and exciting destinations that people talk about, and seek out).


Eric has collaborated with many celebrated chefs on customer service arts for restaurants, and the important union between front-line workers, and the delivery of the vision and brand of the chef and owner to its customers. Including…


Justin Smiley (Il Buco & Upland), Brian Nasworthy (Per Se), Victoria Blamey (Il Buco Alimentari & Chumleys), Hillary Sterling (The Beatrice Inn, Vic’s & Ci Siamo), Rita Sodi (I Sodi & Via Carota) …and many, many more.


Eric know’s what you need to do to create awe-inspiring service results, day after day, year after year, because he has been there – at the sharp end – in the trenches.


His knowledge and experience is available to you. Right now


Eric Valdivieso will show you how to cultivate a deliberate and winning attitude towards customer service.


Eric will train you how to generate excellence at all times.


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Thank you for reading the 5 reasons to become a server in the covid economy.

Eric Valdivieso

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Eric Valdivieso has over 25 years of sales and showmanship experience, including 5 years of film and theatre training and 9 years of table service, in high-paced and competitive environments. 

He helps restaurant and hotel owners and managers cultivate experiences that people talk about, and seek out. 

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