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In this article we will go over customer service arts in hotels…

All hotels – whether large or small, part of a group or an independent, luxury or budget – could do well to recognize and adopt this Sanskrit saying:

Atithi Devo Bhavah

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This means – “the Guest is God”.

Which, of course is true.

The guest IS God. And should be treated like it.

But, despite many hotels claiming that they DO treat guests like Gods, very few actually treat their guests this way.

Most hotels, in fact, only play lip service to it.

Top and senior management are committed, but it’s the staff that regularly let a property down.

Mainly because they have not been trained correctly and therefore don’t understand what is required.


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In my personal experience, I have found that a guest connects with a hotel brand when the inside reality and outside perception of a hotel reflect one another.

From the moment an individual decides on staying in a particular hotel, any individual should expect a warm welcome, a friendly face and attentive service – from the moment he or she embraces the brand.

And this means from the ordering process, to the stay and the communications that must take place after that guest has left.

A good hotel would like to be thought of by guests as a ‘home from home’. 

To deliver this, members of staff must show their commitment to the brand – delivering a genuinely personal touch that goes the extra mile. 


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This is a CORE requirement.

Front of house employees – front desk, bellman, doorman – are the first impressions of any hotel. And, as we know in all aspects of life, first impressions count.

Do they smile? Do they exude warmth? Are the words they utter, genuine, or are they just going through the motions? Because, trust me, most ARE just going through the motions. Only a small percentage really care.

This is not just hotels. It’s all businesses. Employees just do enough and no more.

They don’t see the bigger picture.


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Because, they have never been trained correctly.


About the Author of Service Arts in Hotels:

Eric Valdivieso has been a passionate upholder of the very finest level of customer service arts since 1996…

With over 25 years of sales and showmanship experience, including 5 years of film and theatre training and 9 years of table service, in high-paced and competitive environments.

Eric Valdivieso has consulted with companies & learning institutions including IBM, Progressive Insurance, Panera Bread, Firestone Tire, Marriott, Rutgers University and many, many more. (…also turning many New York City restaurants into highly sought after and exciting destinations that people talk about, and seek out).

Eric know’s what you need to do to create awe-inspiring service results, day after day, year after year, because he has been there – at the sharp end – in the trenches.

His knowledge and experience is available to you. Right now

Eric Valdivieso will show you how to cultivate a deliberate and winning attitude towards customer service.

Eric will train your teams how to generate excellence at all times.

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Thank you for reading this article about Service Arts in Hotels.


Eric Valdivieso

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Eric Valdivieso has over 25 years of sales and showmanship experience, including 5 years of film and theatre training and 9 years of table service, in high-paced and competitive environments. 

He helps restaurant and hotel owners and managers cultivate experiences that people talk about, and seek out. 

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